Here are examples of my films, music video's, motion graphics and projected visuals that I've created.
I offer services in Filming, Editing, Special Effects & Format Conversion. All in High Definition Quality and at competitive prices.
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A Tout Le Monde - Music Video

A story about myself being lost in 911. I made this years ago and thought it was time to put it online. It's set to Megadeth's 'A Tout Le Monde' which was my main inspiration for this video and the events that happened at that time. This film is dedicated to those people who lost their lives at 911.

Assembley of a Boxing Ring in 3 Minutes, 46 Seconds

Boxing Ring Assembled at St David's Hall, Cardiff. Actual time 5 1/2 Hours, Speeded up to 3Mins, 46Sec

Cardiff To Birmingham In 3 Minutes, 40 Seconds

A Journey from Cardiff, Wales to Birmingham, England speeded up.

Timelapsed Candle

Candle burns for 7 and a half hours, speeded up to 33 seconds

Timelapsed Clouds With Sun Glare

Timelapsed Clouds

12 Hours In 3 Minutes 34 Seconds

(Two Clocks, One Digital, The Other Analog Filmed For 12 Hours.)

Projected Listings For The Point, Cardiff Bay

(Shown before and after each live show.)

DVD Menu Intro

(For Bands That I've Filmed At The Point.)

Disco Light

(A Rotating Disco Light)

My Details

(A Small Intro Of What I Do.)