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3D Computer Generated Graphics

Banner created for a Social Blog Website

I created this for a Social Website being launched soon

The client required a martini glass with ice cubes but inside the ice cubes are logo's from different social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress etc. I created this in Cinema 4D and I like the way it turned out.

"Michael turned around a fresh and modern element banner for my website redesign within a matter of days from my initial enquiry. His communication and creative direction was seamless from start to finish. Michael's talent and professionalism speaks for itself - with his ability to create bespoke, stunning designs in a very short timeframe. Future work is definitely on the horizon - highly recommended." - Stephanie

19th April 2013

Various Graphics For Sale

I created these various items in C4D, which are for sale.

These graphics can be used in your adverts, documents or on social media to advertise your business. I can also amend and customise them to suit your needs. Just contact me to discuss your requirements.

If you do decide you would like to purchase one of these graphics, the watermark will be removed and emailed to you.

12th January 2013

Happy Birthday Gemma!

I created these for my partner Gemma for her birthday. I don't normally post personal things on here, but these mean alot to me and took a bit of time to create.

All are created in C4D

25th January 2013

My New Graphic

I created this in C4D just to advertise what I do.

The background I created in Photoshop using design quote's from http://quotesondesign.com

5th January 2013

A Snowman for Christmas

A snowman in a Christmas card and scene.

I created this in C4D for a Christmas card and then animated snow that falls and settles on the words Merry Christmas.

21st December 2012

3D Christmas Baubles

I created these in C4D for the cover of the Cardiff and South Wales Advertiser Christmas Edition.

One has Merry Christmas cut out of the centre bauble and the other has Santa in his sleigh with his reindeer's.

To view the online edition please click the image below.

19th December 2012

When The Wind Blows

A ball hits my web address causing the letters to blow away.

Another of my animations created in Cinema4D.

2nd December 2012

What I Do - Animated

Services that I provide rise from the floor.

Another of my animations created in Cinema4D.

2nd December 2012

Another Animation

Two chrome balls hit a smash a block and reveals my Web Address.

Another of my animations created in Cinema4D.

25th November 2012

Latest Animation

A Ball hits my Web Address and the letters fall like Domino's.

One of my first animations created in Cinema4D.

25th November 2012

Replicating Real Lights

I seen these lights in Chapter Arts Centre this week and thought I would try and replicate them.

Was a good task to set myself and made me really think about how the light were made.

The light is in the bottom of the structure, shinning up

10th November 2012

Reflective Ball Bearings

Just playing around with reflective textures here. The ball bearings and just simple sphere's with a reflective, chrome texture added.

The lighting is a softbox that I created.

5th November 2012

Happy Halloween

Hey all. Been a few weeks since I posted anything, so seen as Halloween was this week I thought it was a nice time to learn how to create pumpkins.

This scene features 3 pumpkins with names as mouths, a light inside the pumpkins and spider webs in various places.

This was a pretty complex scene, but made me understand C4D a bit better. Working on more scene's so will post as soon as compeleted!

1st November 2012

Experimenting in 3D - Part Two

Here's my web address with added walls, window and mirror.

In the final version I've changed my web address to a more metal look and with the mirror I have made that reflective which works really well.

This is really starting to take shape. Next I'm going to animate something in this scene.

14th October 2012

Experimenting in 3D

Here's my web address in 3D. I've set up the floor, lights, reflective textures and a camera with depth of field added.

I'm really enjoying exploring with 3D designs and layout. I find it really fascinating and really inspiring to create more 3D works. Watch This Space!

13th October 2012

My Logo in 3D

I've started experimenting with my logo in Cinema 4D. A great 3 Dimensional program by Maxon.

This is only my first attempt. I'm quite pleased with the results so far and it's very inspiring and exciting.

I will post my other examples and experiements as I create them.

9th October 2012